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The term "Chemsex" refers to the use of psychoactive substances before or during sexual activity to facilitate, initiate, prolong and intensify the sexual act.

See how mood can be affected after a night of drinking.

Alcohol consumption has grown among indigenous people, increasing the risk of addiction and causing harm to individual and community health.

Alcoholism among women

Fevereiro 03, 2023

Understand the individualities of treatment for alcohol use in relation to women's health.

Research seeks to understand whether it is possible to use cell phone applications to treat disorders related to alcohol use.

Drinking excessively on very hot days can cause serious dehydration. Here are some tips to enjoy summer without harming your health.

Infertility affects more than 45 million couples worldwide. Lifestyle factors such as weight, diet, alcohol consumption and smoking can affect fertility and the chance of having children (1).

Would Spironolactone be a new treatment option for alcohol use disorders?

Learn how heavy drinking and other risk factors can predispose to alcoholism

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