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Genetic factors can also influence drinking behavior, as well as alcohol abuse and dependence.


Research carried out by Ipec showed that there is a lack of knowledge among the interviewees and this affects the prevention of harmful use of alcohol

On October 16th, World Food Day is celebrated. See how alcohol consumption, especially abusive consumption, can harm nutrient absorption.

Studies reveal the possible effects of the medication for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and alcohol use disorder.

Consuming alcoholic beverages right after exercising can directly harm all muscle recovery.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health published, on September 18, 2023, a new Vigitel* 2023 report, presenting estimates on the frequency and sociodemographic distribution of various risk factors for chronic diseases.

In addition to alcoholism, binge drinking among women may increase the risk of other health problems.

Games involving alcoholic beverages in college settings are dangerous and frequent, a study shows.

Researchers present the possibility of inserting the concept of "pre-addiction" as an alert to the population about the risk of developing dependence on alcohol and drugs.

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