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Who we are

The Information Center on Alcohol and Health, a non-governmental organization created in 2004 and qualified as a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP), has become the main source of information on alcohol and health in Brazil.

It is dedicated to the progress of knowledge in the field, by presenting scientific research and data in an accessible way, as well as producing educational materials, and developing projects.

During its 17 years of existence, the center has contributed to the expansion of the debate on health and alcohol, as well as to raising awareness and preventing the harmful use of alcoholic beverages.

Its work, supported and supervised by three different Councils (Executive, Scientific and Fiscal), reaches a diverse audience, ranging from health professionals and researchers to students interested in the relation between alcohol and the body, mind and society.

The center activities are developed through sponsorships and partnerships with companies, universities, and academic and medical entities, independently and without interference.

Some of its supporters are: Institute Compartilhar and Sociedade de Pediatria de São Paulo (by means of the Work Group on alcohol effects on pregnant women, fetuses, and newborns). AmBev and Heineken are financial supporters.

The center´s digital collection is composed of national- and internationally renowned scientific publications, official (governmental) statistics, and high quality content from newspapers and magazines. In social media, it has active channels on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Executive Staff

Professor Arthur Guerra de Andrade, PhD

Psychiatric Doctor. Associate Professor at the University of São Paulo, in the Psychiatry Department at the Faculty of Medicine (FMUSP). Professor of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology at ABC Faculty of Medicine. Founder and coordinator of GREA (Interdisciplinary Group of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs), at the Institute of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo. Coordinator of the Redemption Program, São Paulo City Hall.

Mariana Zanata Thibes, PhD

Sociologist, PhD from University of São Paulo. Visiting scholar at New York University. Post Doctoral degrees in Social Sciences from Catholic University of São Paulo and from Federal University of ABC. Worked as researcher at CEBRAP (Brazilian Center for Analysis and Planning) and ILANUD (United Nations Institute for Crime Prevention and Young Criminals Treatment) and as research consultant for major Brazilian research companies such as IBOPE and IPSOS. Also worked as data analyst at Google Brazil.

Andréa Pinto Ferreira

Bachelor of Management, technical education on Executive Secretariat. Vast experience in management, finance, and taxes for small- and medium-sized companies. Solid background in all management routines, with focus on controllership.

Marília Alves do Reis, PhD - Senior Researcher

Bachelor of Biomedicine from São Paulo Methodist University (2007). MD and PhD at Federal University of São Paulo´s Department of Psychiatry. Research work on neuroimages at the Interdisciplinary Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory. Worked as image biomedic at the Department of Image Diagnostics of the Federal University of São Paulo.

Karina Mosmann

Bachelor of Journalism from São Paulo Methodist University. Specialist in Management of Communicational Processes by University of São Paulo at the Communication and Arts School’s Department of Communication. Over 14 years of experience in communication management for NGOs.
Erica Rosanna Siu    Atila Granados Afonso de Faria    Beatriz Adler    Camila Magalhães Silveira    Carolina Hanna de Aquino Chaim    Carolina Tavares Canhisares    Cassio Lima Maeji    Cinthia Marques Prado    Daniela Aparecida Monteiro    Frederico Eckschmidt    Gabriel Andreuccetti    Gabriela Wagner    Gisele Borsotte Cruz    Guilherme Trevizan Kortas    Heliana Nogueira    Heloisa de Souza Dantas    Janaina Guzzardi da Silva    Jéssica Natuline Ianof    Julio de Carvalho Ponce    Karen Tavares Sabino    Kercya Bernardes Pinto Bandeira    Ligia Magalhães Silveira    Lívia Beraldo de Lima    Luanna Maristella Cabanal Inacio    Lúcio Garcia de Oliveira    Luís Paulo Saito    Mirele Valesca Ferreira Santos    Murilo Campos Battisti    Natália Gomes Ragghianti    Rafaela Nishimura    Philippe Benhayon    Selma de Oliveira Neto    Tânia Oda Telma Tiemi Schwindt Diniz Gomes    Vivian Rolim Chiminazzo    Vladmir Stempliuk


The center´s executive staff work is supported and supervised by three Councils: Deliberative, Scientific, and Fiscal. Their main functions are:

Deliberative Council: debates, monitors and guides the center's goals and social actions. Establishes the fundamental guidelines and general rules of organization, operation and administration.

Scientific Council: analyses and verifies the quality, truthfulness, and origin of the technical information present in the center´s scientific research and educational materials.

Fiscal Council: inspects all actions performed by the center´s management, verifying the regularity of the application of resources, and publishing financial and managerial reports to the General Assembly.

President of the Deliberative Council:

Carla Smith de Vasconcellos Crippa

Bachelor of Law from Catholic University of São Paulo and Bachelor of Economics from University of São Paulo. M.D. in Law from Catholic University of São Paulo. Worked as senior associate at LeFosse Advogados (2002-2013) and as Legal Manager, Sustainability Manager, and Sustainability and Communication Director at AmBev. Since 2020, is Vice-President of Corporate Relations in Brazil, at the same company.

Vice-President of the Executive Council:

Mauro Vitor Homem da Silva

Bachelor of Environmental Management from University of São Paulo (2008). MBA in Management from FGV (2010), post-graduation in Sustainability from UNICAMP (2012) and Master in Environmental Engineering from Alfenas Federal University (2014). Worked more than 10 years at Danone, as Environmental Trainee (2008), Environmental Manager (2010), Project Manager (2012), Sustainability Manager (2013), Corporate Sustainability Manager (2015), and Head of Corporate Affairs (2016). In 2018 became the Director of Corporate Communication at HEINEKEN, where he is now Corporate Affairs Director (2020).


Aloísio Lacerda Medeiros

Bachelor of Law from the University of São Paulo (1976), acting in Criminal Law and Criminal Process. Chairman of the Board of the São Paulo Lawyers' Pension Fund at IPESP (1987-1991). General Secretary and Vice-President of OAB - Order of Attorneys of Brazil, São Paulo Section (1991-1994). Consulting Coordinator for the Rights and Prerogatives Commission of the Order of Attorneys of Brazil, São Paulo Section (2002-2003). President of São Paulo Lawyers Association (2003). Member of the National Council for Advertisement Self-Regulation since 2001. Elected Alternate Counselor of the OAB between 2015 and 2018.

André Franco Montoro Filho

Bachelor of Economics from the University of São Paulo Faculty of Management and Economics, where he has pursued a career as professor since 1966. PhD from Yale University. Vice-Director of the University of São Paulo Faculty of Management and Economics. President of FIPE - Foundation Institute of Research on Economics. All the while, he has attained important positions outside academia: President of ETCO, President of BNDES National Bank for Economic and Social Development, President of “Directive Commission of the National Program for De-Estatization”, São Paulo State Secretary of Economics and Planning, President of Villa-Lobos Park Guiding Council. He is currently President Director of Butantan Foundation. His area of expertise is public sector economics.

Erica Rosanna Siu

Bachelor of Biological Sciences (medical modality) from the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) (2003). Master (2006) and PhD (2009) in Science from the Federal University of São Paulo, Department of Pharmacology, with a fellowship period at Rockefeller University, NY, USA. Specialist in Chemical Dependence (2013) from the Group of Interdisciplinary Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (GREA), associated with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo. Since 2009 collaborates in research on the use of alcohol and drugs at University of São Paulo Department of Psychiatry. From 2010 to 2016, she was the Pedagogical Coordinator of the course entitled Integration of Competencies at the Performance of Judicial Activity with Drug Users and Dependents (a partnership between University of São Paulo and the National Secretariat for Drug Policies - SENAD). She worked for 12 years at the Information Center on Alcohol and Health, where she ascended from Senior Researcher to Executive Vice-President. She is currently a Researcher at the Nucleus of Psychiatric Epidemiology at Hospital das Clínicas, as well as the CEO of Caliandra Mental Health.

Linamara Rizzo Battistella

Tenured Professor of Physiatry at the University of São Paulo School of Medicine. Publisher of Acta Fisiátrica, she is the creator of the Lucy Montoro Rehabilitation Network, with 19 units distributed in the State of São Paulo. Currently, she is the President of the Board of Directors of the Lucy Montoro Rehabilitation Institute and of the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Hospital das Clinicas, Director of the PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center for Rehabilitation, and Co-Coordinator of the WHO/WHO Health-Related Rehabilitation Guidelines Development Group since 2012. She is a member of the Working Group on Medium and Long-Term Manifestations of COVID-19 at WHO/WHO. Coordinator of the Residency Program in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at University of São Paulo Faculty of Medicine. Member of the INOVAUSP advisory committee. She is President of the Paulista Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Member of the USA National Academy of Medicine and Expert Advisor to the WHO/WHO Rehabilitation Panel.

Marina de Oliveira Ferreira

Bachelor of Food Engineering from Paraná State Catholic University (2006). MBA from Positivo University Center (2009). Specialist in Governmental Relations in Brazil from INSPER (2014). At Mondelez Company, worked as Food Engineer II (2008-2010) and Regulatory Affairs Coordinator (2010-2013). Worked as Corporate Affairs Specialist (2013-2016) and Public Relations Manager (2016-2017) at Heineken Company, where she is now Senior Manager of Public Policies and Regulatory Affairs.

Martino Martinelli Filho

Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo. Director of the Clinical Unit of Artificial Cardiac Stimulation at INCOR (Heart Institute - Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo). President of the Deliberative Council of the Brazilian Society of Cardiac Arrhythmias - SOBRAC/SBC.

Moysés Alberto Simantob

Business Manager, member of the curator board of FIPT - Foundation to Support the Technological Research Institute of São Paulo, Brainves, Eletroson and Ventiur. Known for advising global companies and for leading reflections and debates on the future and on the competitive landscape of continuous change through SV Partners, a company of strategic advice on innovation. He is professor at and academic coordinator of the Fundação Getúlio Vargas CEO program. He published the Valor Economico Guide for Innovation in Companies (2003) and was co-author and co-organizer of the series of three books on the theme Innovative Organizations (2003-2009). He was Professor at the Fundação Getúlio Vargas Production and Industrial Operations department (2002-2010) and co-founder of the Think Tank Innovation Forum. He is currently a trust advisor to global companies in the field of wealth management, liquid bulk storage and handling terminals, medical devices and telemedicine.

Rodrigo João Pacheco e Silva Moccia

Bachelor of Public Management from Getúlio Vargas Foundation. Specialist in Public Policies from Georgetown University. He has been working at AmBev for over 10 years, managing institutional relations in Brasilia since 2014. Previously, worked in the sustainability area and with the AmBev Program for Responsible Alcohol Consumption.

Roberto Pinto Ferreira Mameri Abdenur

Retired after 44 years of work as Diplomat, acts as consultant in international matters. Former Brazilian Ambassador in Ecuador, China, Germany, Austria, and USA, as well as in International Organizations in Vienna. Former General Secretary of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Relations. Member of the Brazilian Center for International Relations and of University of São Paulo GACINT. Member of the Consulting Councils of CNC and ACRJ. Former Executive President of the Brazilian Institute of Business Ethics (May 2011- December 2013).

Rogério Fernando Taffarello

Lawyer. MD in Criminal Law and Criminology from University of São Paulo. Specialist in Criminal Law from Salamanca University. Post-graduation in Economic Criminal Law and European Criminal Law from Coimbra University.

Former Counsellors:

Alexandre Vieira Loures    Aline Fernanda Pedrazzi    Ángelo Dalle Molle    Carla Smith de Vasconcellos Crippa    Emerson Kapaz    José Manuel Juanatey    Maria Cristina Lesseur    Renato Biava Vera    Ricardo Rolim Fernandes Fontes    Sandro de Oliveira Bassili    Milton Seligman    Victório Carlos De Marchi


Júlia Maria D'Andréa Greve

Physiatrist Doctor, bachelor from São Paulo´s Santa Casa de Misericordia Medical Sciences Faculty (1975). Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation from Brazilian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. MD and PhD from University of São Paulo Faculty of Medicine's Department of Medical Clinic. Professor at the same faculty’s Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology. Works in scientific research projects in the fields of epidemiology and prevention of traffic accidents provoked by alcohol. Coordinated, during 4 years, Urgent Life Program São Paulo, directed at instructing young people on drinking and driving issues. Coordinator of HC in Movement Program, directed at avoiding trauma.


Clystenes Odyr Soares Silva

Bachelor of Medicine from Pernambuco Federal University (1975) and PhD in Medicine (pneumology) from Federal University of São Paulo (1984). Associate Professor of Pneumology at São Paulo School of Medicine - Federal University of São Paulo. Expert in: DPOC, asthma, respiratory infections and acute breathing insufficiency. Former IEP Scientific Coordinator at Sao Camilo Hospital and Maternity.

Conceição Aparecida de Mattos Segre

Bachelor of Medicine from University of São Paulo (1954). PhD in Pediatrics from São Paulo School of Medicine. Former President of the São Paulo Pediatric Society and vice-president of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics. Member of Pediatrics Academy and of São Paulo Pediatric Academy. Editor of the books: “RN (NewBorn)”, “Pediatrics: basic directives and organization of services”, “Basic Manual of Vascular Accesses” and “Perinatology: fundamentals and practice”. She has been granted the title of International Pioneer in Neonatology by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Coordinator of São Paulo Pediatric Society´s Study Group on the Effects of Alcohol in Pregnant Women, Fetuses and Newborns. Coordinator of Brazilian Pediatric Society Campaigns.

Henrique Soares Carneiro

Historian, Professor of Modern History at University of São Paulo, coordinator of the Laboratory of Historical Studies on Drugs and Food (LEHDA), member of the ADHS (Alcohol and Drugs History Society).

Jorge Paulete Vanrell

Bachelor of Medicine from São José do Rio Preto Regional Faculty of Medicine (1977). Bachelor of Law and Social Sciences from São José do Rio Preto School of Law (1982). Bachelor of Pedagogy from Rio-Pretense Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Literature (1981). Specialist in Medicine of Labour from Jorge Duprat Figueiredo Foundation for Labour Safety and Medicine (1981). Specialist in Legal Medicine from Brazilian Society of Legal Medicine (1985) and PhD in Sciences from São Leopoldo University of Philosophy, Sciences and Literature (1987). Actually, is Professor at Paulista University and at São Paulo Police Academy.

Lúcio Garcia de Oliveira

Bachelor of Biology in Medicine Studies from Federal University of São Paulo. Bachelor of Psychology from Paulistano University Center. Neuropsychologist from Center of Psycho-surgery Studies, Hospital das Clínicas, and specialist in Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy from "Anxiety Program” of the Institute of Psychiatry of the University of São Paulo. MD and PhD in Sciences from Federal University of São Paulo Psycho-biology Department. Post-doctoral degree from the Institute of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo. Received a FAPESP scholarship during 2012-2015, to do research in the University of São Paulo Department of Legal Medicine, Medicine Ethics, and Social Medicine. Nowadays, is Psychology Analyst at Dr. Fernando Mauro Pires da Rocha City Hospital, and Coordinator of Psychotherapy Supervision at the Medical Residency Program of the Faculty of Medicine of ABC. Referee at the following scientific magazines: BMC Public Health, Traffic Injury & Prevention, Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria, Revista de Saúde Pública, Cadernos de Saúde Pública, Revista de Psiquiatria Clínica, Jornal Brasileiro de Psiquiatria, Psicologia: Ciência e Profissão, Revista Pan-Amazônica de Saúde e Arquivos Médicos de Ciências em Saúde. Former “adhoc advisor” at FAPESP (The São Paulo Research Foundation). Researcher in the fields of epidemiology, cognitive evaluation, neuropsychology, alcohol and drugs abuse and addiction.

Wang Yuan-Pang

Psychiatrist, Medical Residency, MD and PhD from Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo. Former Professor of Psychiatry at Santo Amaro University. Nowadays, works as medicine doctor at Hospital das Clínicas Institute of Psychiatry, as PhD supervisor at the Department of Psychiatry of the University of São Paulo, and as researcher at the Nucleus for Psychiatric Epidemiology, a program of the Laboratory of Psychopharmacology and Clinical Psychophysiology at University of São Paulo. Member of Brazilian Association of Psychiatry, International Federation of Psychiatric Epidemiology, and World Psychiatric Association - Epidemiology and Public Health Section. Scientific Counselor at the Information Center on Alcohol and Health since 2012. Associate editor at BMC Public Health, BMC Psychiatry and Frontiers in Psychiatry. Reviewer in more than 50 scientific magazines. Researcher in the fields of epidemiology of non communicable diseases, epidemiologic investigations in culturally diverse and minority populations, application of multivariate latent models in psychiatry.

Wilson Catapani

Gastroenterology Medicine Doctor. MD and PhD in Gastroenterology from Paulista School of Medicine. Postdoc in immunology from Edinburgh University, Scotland. Fellow of the American College of Gastroenterology. Tenured Professor of Gastroenterology at the Faculty of Medicine of ABC.

Former Counsellors:

Danilo Antônio Baltieri    Geraldo Tálamo Bestillos    Karen Paraschin    Luís Adolfo Jimenez Pacheco    Mauricio Gattaz    Murillo Battisti    Sandra Scivoletto    Vilma Leyton


Silvio José Morais

Manager from Parana Faculty of Management and Foreign Trade. Specialization in Finance from the same university. Executive MBA from Parana Catholic University. MBA in Controllership from FIPECAFI-USP. More than 20 years of experience in finance at Brahma and AmBev. Nowadays, is Corporate Controller at AmBev.


Caetano Aparecido Bianchi

Technical Education in Accounting. MBA from FIA - University of São Paulo Foundation Institute of Management. Accounting Manager at Antarctica Group, where he worked 5 years as Financial Superintendent, 10 years as General Superintend, and is actually Governance Advisor at Antonio and Helena Zerrenner Foundation.

Eduardo Carvalho de Paoli

Bachelor of Business from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (2001), MBA in Business from IBMEC (2010). He started his career as Assistant in Deloitte & Touche, where he rose to Audit Manager (2000-2007). He has been working at AmBev for more than 14 years, where he is currently Head of Finance in Brazil.

Vivian de Freitas e Rodrigues

Lawyer, with MD and PhD in tax law from Sao Paulo Catholic University. She has more than 17 years of experience as Head of Tax, including 08 years as Head of Global Tax at EMBRAER, plus eight years as Statutory Head of Tax at Johnson & Johnson of Brazil. She has experience in litigation, planning and operation, M&A and global transfer pricing policies. Author of two works: a) Taxation as an Administrative Act (Quartier Latin Publishing) and b) Transfer Pricing as an Income Tax Adjustment Rule (Noeses Publishing), both translated into Spanish. Professor of tax law at Catholic University of São Paulo (PUCSP), Brazilian Institute of Tax Studies (IBET) and Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP). Vivan is an active participant in industry representative groups supporting taxpayers and has experience in tax legislation discussions and negotiations with government agencies. Certified by the IBGC for participation in Fiscal Councils.

Former Counsellors:

Daniela Rodrigues Lopes    José Fiorita    Luiz Eduardo Fróes do Amaral Osorio    Victor David

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