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The Information Center on Alcohol and Health is one of the main Brazilian organizations addressing the issue. Over its 17 years of activity, it has contributed to advancement of the debate on alcohol and health, as well as to increasing awareness about abusive alcohol consumption and preventing such harmful behavior.

Constituted as an OSCIP - Civil Society Organization of Public Interest - since 2005, the center is dedicated to advancing knowledge in the area, working in the dissemination of research and scientific data in accessible language, producing educational materials and developing projects.

Over the years, the center has contributed to the enlargement of the debate on the alcohol-health relationship and to the awareness and prevention of the harmful use of alcoholic beverages. Its work reaches a wide range of audiences, ranging from researchers and health professionals to students and those interested in the relationship between alcohol and the body, mind and society.

The center activities are developed through sponsorships and partnerships with companies, universities, and academic and medical entities, independently and without interference. Some of its supporters are: Institute Compartilhar and Sociedade de Pediatria de São Paulo (by means of the Work Group on alcohol effects on pregnant women, fetuses, and newborns). AmBev and Heineken are financial supporters.

A prominent work is the report “Alcohol and Health of Brazilian People”, an original research elaborated by the center´s research staff, with exclusive analysis on alcohol consumption in Brazil.

The center´s digital collection is composed of national- and internationally renowned scientific publications, official (governmental) statistics, and high quality content from newspapers and magazines. In social media, the center is active on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube – visit them!


To be recognized by the quality of its work on production and dissemination of knowledge, acting in prevention and reduction of harmful alcohol use.


Contribute to reducing harmful use of alcohol through outstanding scientific information.


Ethic rigor, transparency and commitment to the progress of knowledge.

423 Rócio Street, Rooms 1208/1209
São Paulo - SP - ZIP CODE 04552-000

Phone: +55 11 3842 3388
Mobile: +55 11 91257-6108


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CISA, Information Center on Alcohol and Health