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We have created this section to fulfill public interest in contributing to our work by means of donations.

You can contribute to awareness and prevention of abusive alcohol consumption. According to the World Health Organization, this kind of consumption is associated with 3 million deaths worldwide and 200 kinds of injuries and diseases, such as hepatic cirrhosis, some types of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and alcoholism.

Your contribution will be destined to classes, lectures and training for public schools and other non-governmental organizations.

People and companies* may donate online in a practical, safe and easy manner. For your safety and convenience, the whole procedure is made through UOL PagSeguro, a system which allows for direct debit in Brazilian Reais (the Brazilian currency). Donation Receipts will be sent to the donor’s e-mail address.

Your contribution is very important. Be part of this initiative!

*Companies: according to Law 9.249, of December 26, 1995, because it is a donation for an OSCIP (Social Civil Organization of Public Interest), there is the possibility of deducting up to 2% of the company's operating profit, thereby generating a reduction in the calculation basis of Income Tax. Valid for companies under Brazilian law only.

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