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Advances in the health area and the implementation of preventive measures for HIV infection have reduced the detection of new cases of seropositive patients

Study found a correlation between decreased brain volume and alcohol consumption. Read our text to better understand what this means!


Young people are replacing ordinary cigarettes for electronic cigarettes because they believe they are less harmful.

Studies warn of the harmful effects of recreational use of drugs for erectile dysfunction associated with alcohol consumption.

A new study, involving Brazilian researchers, points out that wine can modulate the intestinal microbiota, potentially favoring the reduction of oxidative stress.

A study points to possible associations between the microbiome-gut-brain axis and alcohol compulsion by young heavy drinkers.

During festivities, the risk of consuming illegal alcohol increases. Check out some guidelines to avoid this danger.

Blue November, a men's health awareness and prevention campaign. Find out how prostate cancer can be influenced by alcohol consumption.

With the increasing popularity of non-alcoholic beers, the question arises about what role they play in the habit of consuming alcohol: do they serve as substitutes or as a gateway to drinks with a higher alcohol content?

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