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Concerns such as the fear of “embarrassing yourself” or being judged the next day are more determining factors for young people to moderate their alcohol consumption.

Study reveals that alcohol consumption during a sexual encounter does not affect women's memory.

Research shows that 75% of abusive alcohol consumers in Brazil believe they drink moderately.

Although it may seem like a good way to relax during sex and a good option to stimulate desire, alcohol consumption can harm sexual performance.

Do you know what a standard drink of alcohol is? A concept created to help you understand the amount of pure alcohol contained in different types and volumes of alcoholic drinks, it can change the way you view your consumption.

White January: Brazilian campaign that aims to raise awareness about mental and emotional health care. Find out more about the campaign and its importance.

A recent study points out that quercetin, a flavonoid abundant in fruits, may also be responsible for headaches when drinking red wine.

A study carried out by researchers from São Paulo University observed a reduction in risky alcohol consumption in elderly people using the brief intervention protocol.

Alcoholism is a public health problem, which brings harm to the individual, family members and society. See what signs indicate it's time to seek help.

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