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Alcohol and Summer: some tips to enjoy without exaggeration

12 Janeiro 2024

Drinking excessively on very hot days can cause serious dehydration. Here are some tips to enjoy summer without harming your health.


Experts say that, due to climate change, Brazil will face hotter days than normally expected. In response to this intense heat, many turn to alcoholic drinks looking for some refreshment. However, what can bring “some relief” on these days can also cause a big problem.

Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages on very hot days can worsen dehydration. This happens because at high temperatures, our body naturally increases the loss of fluids (through sweating) to balance body temperature. However, when associated with alcohol consumption, especially in an exaggerated way, this loss of fluids intensifies, since alcohol inhibits the production of antidiuretic hormone (ADH), resulting in an increase in urine production and, eventually, dehydration.

Therefore, if you have decided to drink, especially on hot days, the main recommendation is moderation. However, according to the household survey on the pattern of alcohol consumption in Brazil, carried out by Ipec, at the request of CISA, 75% of heavy drinkers believe that they drink in moderation, this being one of the most harmful consumption patterns to health. Thus, excessive consumption means, for women, to drink four or more drinks on a single occasion and, for men, five or more drinks. Remembering that a dose corresponds to a can of beer (350 ml) or a glass of wine (150 ml) or a shot of spirits (45 ml).

In addition, here are some more tips for you to take extra care:

  1. Drink water: hydration is very important, especially on very hot days. Some people tend to replace water with alcohol because they think they are staying hydrated. Water is the best way to hydrate. So, if you decide to drink, alternate consumption with water.
  2. Pay attention to popsicles and alcoholic ice creams: these products generally do not indicate the quantity, type of drink, origin, or alcohol content. Therefore, always check this information before consuming and be suspicious if it has a very strong smell of alcohol.
  3. Be careful when drinking and going swimming: just as alcohol and driving are not a good combination, the same goes for water activities. According to WHO, alcohol is responsible for 12% of drownings.
  4. Take care of your skin: Alcohol also contributes to skin dehydration and inflammation. Therefore, use sunscreen, stay hydrated and use moisturizing products.

Remember that any amount of alcohol poses health risks. Pay attention to your consumption. Take care of your health and enjoy summer!


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