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Você sabia que a cirrose hepática é uma das principais causas de morte relacionadas ao uso de álcool entre 2010 e 2018? Assista a esse vídeo e entenda melhor os impactos da bebida alcoólica em seu fígado e como evitar a doença.

A loving relationship can be a protective factor for the harmful use of alcohol and other health risk behaviors.

Surveys from around the world, especially in high-income countries, have shown that alcohol consumption among Generation Z is decreasing. Know the reasons.

Peer pressure can lead young people to drink too much alcohol.

A study points to possible associations between the microbiome-gut-brain axis and alcohol compulsion by young heavy drinkers.

With the increasing popularity of non-alcoholic beers, the question arises about what role they play in the habit of consuming alcohol: do they serve as substitutes or as a gateway to drinks with a higher alcohol content?

Consuming alcoholic beverages right after exercising can directly harm all muscle recovery.

See how mood can be affected after a night of drinking.

The term "Chemsex" refers to the use of psychoactive substances before or during sexual activity to facilitate, initiate, prolong and intensify the sexual act.

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