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Illegal alcohol

Mai 09, 2022

Illegal alcohol, also called “unregistered”, encompasses informally-produced, home-made or artisanal beverages, counterfeit or smuggled beverages, and surrogate alcohol that are inappropriate for human ingestion, such as perfumes and cleaning products.

Racial discrimination is one of the main factors that can lead the black population to the harmful use of alcohol.

Alcohol consumption among young people raises concern among health professionals


In addition to the psychosocial interventions that play an important role in the treatment of alcoholism, learn about the main medications that can help in this treatment

Limits on alcohol consumption are usually based on differences between the sexes. In this sense, how should trans people follow these recommendations?

Understand how alcohol acts in the body in relation to sexual performance


Risks of alcohol consumption vary according to age, being higher for young people according to a study by The Lancet.


Alcohol is associated with absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace, new studies show.

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